The staff of Garage Antiques works very
hard to keep our clients' trust.
It is a balancing act to get the best prices
for our homeowners and
give our dealers enough room
to make money.

Our clients are our strongest measure
of satisfaction.

Here's what they have to say:

"I was incredibly impressed with the
Garage Antiques.
Their dedication and attention to detail
was truly impressive. They handled
everything for us and did
a great job of selling everything
in the house!"
Mildred, West Roxbury (August 2017)

"Many thanks to the Garage Antiques.
They were a pleasure to work with.
They really knew their stuff!" 
 Don, Blackstone (May 2017)

"I was particularly impressed with the
Garage Antiques' professionalism
and honesty. I would highly recommend
their services to anyone.
I was also happy with the amount of
money I made for everything!"
Steve, Bellingham (April 2017)