We specialize in Antiques and Collectibles.
Our staff comes to the table with extensive
knowledge and years of experience to
 properly resell your items. We have a
 thorough knowledge of the market coupled
 with an extensive network of dealers/buyers.

Identify, price and tag all items/lots to be sold.

Photograph all/certain items for pre-sale
 and marketing activities

Create an on-line gallery to showcase items.

Provide advertisement which will include 
local signage and the internet. 
Provide complete inventory list of items realized.

Our sales have one or more cashiers and staff
 to monitor the rooms.  Our staff are personable,
 knowledgeable and are willing to help in every
 way they can.
Our sales are extremely well
attended with many prospective buyers. 
Our mailing list is extensive 
and continues to grow.

Garage Antiques, Inc. is a fully insured company.

We are about professional and worry-free services.